Cheryl L. Dickson
Auditory-Verbal Consultancy

Auditory-Verbal Mentoring

Cheryl has mentored professionals from around the globe to become Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists. She has mentored individuals as well as large teams of therapists working in auditory-verbal and cochlear implant clinics.

    If you work with Cheryl you will achieve the following:

  • Skills necessary to provide auditory-verbal therapy
  • Improvement in daily practice
  • Systems to determine a child's functional level


The clinical practice in the program has improved beyond measure and the level of positive outcomes for the many families in the program is at its highest level since Cheryl mentored our team.

Wendy Tunbridge
Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre
Perth, Western Australia

Cheryl was an amazing mentor who gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence I needed to become the AV therapist I am today.

Chelsea Robinson

Mentoring over skype works really well and Cheryl is willing to get up at five o'clock in the morning in order to have the best skype connection.

I can only praise Cheryl for her extremely high professional level of mentoring.

Lone Percy-Smith

I truly valued having Cheryl as a mentor for my AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language (LSLS) certification.

Cheryl had the knowledge across all of the 9 domains required.

She also provided me with a practical model and examples of what is required to be an AV therapist.

Bron Birch