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Cheryl Dickson has written and contributed to numerous publications in the field of hearing impairment. These publications can be found below and clicking each icon will take you to the source for either purchase or free download.

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101 Frequently Asked Questions About Auditory - Verbal Therapy

This is a collection of responses to the most frequently asked questions about auditory-verbal therapy and its application for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Parents and professionals, as well as anyone concerned with deafness and auditory-verbal therapy, will find guidance, encouragement and knowledge within these pages. This book is a collaborative effort by professionals who have joined both hearts and minds to create a valuable resource.

'101 Frequently Asked Questions About Auditory - Verbal Therapy'

Pediatric Audiology Casebook

Pediatric Audiology Casebook brings together content knowledge and clinical application in an accessible manner so that readers can put theory into active practice. It consists of a compendium of key cases and therefore makes an excellent choice for the classroom.

It moves through basic and complex diagnostic cases, hearing aid technology, vestibular issues, and management of auditory development. Each case includes discussion of the definitive diagnosis, recommended treatment options, and the final outcome.

'Pediatric Audiology Casebook'

Songs for Listening! Songs for Life!

Songs for Listening! Songs for Life! is a song book, CD set and therapy guide. This resource was designed to teach children with hearing loss how to listen and talk through the use of singing and music.

Early intervention activities and resources for parents and professionals are included that will help in developing audition and spoken language in children with hearing loss and/or other communicative disorders.

'Songs for Listening! Songs for Life!'

Sound Foundation for Babies

Sound Foundation for Babies is a habilitation tool supporting parents for the first 12 months following cochlear implantation.

Please visit the site to explore the 40 self-contained sets of weekly goals and accompanying resources that will help guide parents in developing their childrens' spoken language through listening.

Sound Foundation for Babies

Track a listening child (TLC)

TLC is a comprehensive set of skills (birth to 48 months) required to reach age appropriate spoken language, or each child’s own potential, by identifying specific milestones in audition/receptive language, expressive language, speech, pragmatics/self-advocacy and cognition/general development.

It is written to help both parents and professionals set goals and track their child's progress.

'Track a listening child (TLC)'

Volta Review

This article discusses the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language - an organisation designed to build capacity of certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS) by defining and maintaining a set of professional standards.

Cheryl has co-authored this article with renown auditory-verbal therapists Dr. Carol Flexer and Dr. Don Goldberg. Copies of this monograph can be ordered from the AB Bell bookstore.

'Volta Review'

Clinician's Guide

A handy tool for clinicians to use with adult patients that have received a cochlear implant.

Cheryl has written a guide to help clinicians work with adults to achieve the best possible outcome with their new device.

Clinicians Guide

The Mentor's Guide to Auditory-Verbal Competencies (Years 1 - 3)

The Mentor's Guide to Auditory-Verbal Competencies
(Years 1 - 3) was developed to provide guidelines for mentors and mentees to monitor the growth of essential professional auditory-verbal skills through a three-year mentoring process. This competency skill guide was developed with an evidence-based practice model in mind, drawing from the clinical expertise of established auditory-verbal therapists as well as research findings.

The Mentor's Guide to Auditory-Verbal Competencies (Years 1 - 3)

Rate-of-Progress pdf files

Rate-of-Progress pdf files are available by clicking the Auditory-Verbal Consultancy logo on right.

These files are available to people that have enlisted Cheryl's services, a password is required.

'Rate of Progress'