Cheryl L. Dickson
Auditory-Verbal Consultancy

Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Cheryl provides auditory-verbal therapy for children and families who want spoken language. She provides individual therapy in her office in Sydney, Australia as well as skype/video chat sessions to guide parents and families living outside the Sydney region and in other countries around the world.

Cheryl also provides home visits for families who want an intensive period of time to assess their child in all environments and support parents in coordinating a team around their child. She has provided home visits to families in Singapore, Vietnam, New York and the Philippines to name a few.

    Engaging Cheryl as a partner in developing your child's potential will:

  • Ensure you learn essential skills
  • Help you build a comprehensive team around your child
  • Give you tools necessary to measure your child's progress


Cheryl has worked with us developing Isobel's listening and spoken language for the past 2 years. In that time, Isobel has gone from having and using very little speech to gaining a substantial amount of language.

Cheryl has been an incredible support to us as parents and has provided an array of fun, interactive activities in which to obtain very precise learning objectives. It has been very easy to work with Cheryl via Skype, the sessions are easily manageable and from the comfort of our own home. We would highly recommend Cheryl to any family needing help with Auditory Verbal Therapy."

The Corben Family
(Seoul, South Korea)

We have been fortunate to have Cheryl involved in our son's life since he was 10 month's old. The enormity of teaching him language was overwhelming. Cheryl 's vast experience, professionalism and diagnostic approach are key to breaking this down into small steps.

A little while back, feeling anxious about my child heading off to the "big school", Cheryl asked whether Orson was 'learning independently of me'. I am delighted to say that two weeks into school Orson is very much learning 'independently of me' and aside from Little Bunny Foo Foo (a newly acquired sing along from school) he is learning to sing in Chinese and I am certainly not teaching him how to do that!

Alana Triscott (Singapore)

Cheryl's support and guidance provided us with the clarity and confidence to make the decision to go ahead with a cochlear implant. Cheryl's skills are undeniable: her knowledge of listening, language and communication is the best we have known.

Chris & Theresa Spraggon
(Sydney, Australia)

Countries where Cheryl has worked